Our Mission:

To bring together sex-positive individuals, professionals, and groups with the intention of enthusiastically promoting radical acceptance, cross-pollinating ideas, and facilitating inclusive spaces in Cleveland, Ohio.

Embrace The Other

Embracing the Other

The 2nd in our Principles Series

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Cross Pollination


Part of our series outlining the four principles of Joyne

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Our Principles

These are some of the core ideas that help us identify who we are and what we should be doing as individuals, and as a community. One of our primary goals at Joyne is to help support and create organizations, events, and spaces that adhere to these principles.

  • Active Inclusion

    A community that is tolerant to diversity isn’t necessarily diverse. We value approaches that move well beyond passive tolerance and embrace behavior that is actively inclusive.

  • Enthusiastic Consent

    Adopting policies of enthusiastic consent makes communities safer. There is a seemingly endless debate about the nuances of consent, and we think these discussions are healthy and important. But in the meantime, if it's not a fuck yes, it's a fuck no.

  • Embrace the Other

    We want people to be open to ideas and experiences that don't immediately resonate with them. We're working to change the default responses we have when confronted with something new. One of our goals is to promote curiosity over criticism.

  • Cross-Pollination

    Sex-positivity is alive and well in many communities throughout the city, but those communities are often disconnected from one another. We want to bring these groups together in ways that promote shared learning and exploration for everyone.